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Finding ways to do business on Meetup


While Meetup is not a business tool, like Linkedin, there are plenty of way you can use the site to benefit your business.


Located at, the online service provides a gathering place for individuals looking to connect with others in their community. Filled with fun seekers and educational groups, it might not seem that Meetup is a useful business tool. But for every group of homeschooling moms and film aficionados, there is also a business networking group.


Connections gained through such business groups can be invaluable as Meetup groups, not surprisingly, meet in person – and sometimes online – to share information. You never know if the person you are connecting with through a Meetup could be a potential client or customer. People attending these events are interested in making business connection too so such groups put you way ahead of cold-calling and other connection-generating avenues.


Meetup started in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, when co-founder Scott Heiferman was inspired by the way people in New York City came together following the terrorist attacks. Heiferman founded the New York City-based business with the idea that the Internet could be used to bring people together in a similar manner.


The social networking tool facilitates groups meeting on various interests in locations throughout the world. Interest groups range from psychics to atheists and play groups to World of Warcraft players.


By going to the Meetup website, you can find various interest groups in your area and when that group next meets. Groups are geared at improving individuals or the community, so it is not a “business first” mentality that should be the focus of any Meetup group. Meetups are aimed at revitalizing local communities and helping individuals self-organize.


If strictly looking to use the online portal to garner investors or to make a quick buck, you might be in the wrong arena here. But there are definite ways to derive business benefits from Meetup. It just might take a little while and not be a rapid return on your time investment.


Meetup has reached 13.8 million members, meeting in 129,646 groups. Members are in 196 countries; and an average of 406,317 Meetups occur every month.


The best part about Meetup is that if you don’t see a group that quite fits your interests, you can simply start your own group. However, if you start a Meetup, you have to say that you are not interested in doing business with group members. Otherwise, the Meetup gurus will put the kibosh on your efforts.


Meetup does allow you, however, to sponsor groups whose participants are individuals you may be interested in doing business. It is a little bit of semantics there, but rules are rules. If you sponsor a group and someone from that group comes to you wanting to do business, you are not violating any regulations.


When going to a Meetup – especially a business networking event, there are some ways to do business:


–        Don’t worry about giving out as many business cards as possible. It is the ones that you get that are far more important.

–        After submitting your RSVP for an event, check out who else will be there and if that person can help your business.

–        Check Twitter for attendees’ businesses and organizations, if they are not on their Meetup profile.

–        Make use of this gathering. Be social. Reach out to make connections.

–        If attendees don’t have a photo with their Meetup profile, use to look for photos of them. Recognizing people, especially if name tags aren’t used, is a great connecting tool.

–        If there are people attending you want to talk to, make it a point to talk to them sooner rather than later. You never know how long someone will stay at an event.


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