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Let us help you with LinkedIn

Archway Internet Marketing can help your business increase its presence on Linkedin as well as other social media avenues.


For individuals running small- and medium-sized firms and looking to reach business-to-business goals, Linkedin is a great tool. It also works well for company owners looking to connect with potential clients who are more business minded.


Writers at Archway can create a company Linkedin page for you or update that page if you already have one established.


No matter what business you are in, you can reach out to more clients through Linkedin. A Linkedin company page can put you in front of individuals and other businesses that can use your products and services. It simply makes good business sense for your firm to be active on the top business social networking site.


Linkedin allows businesses to create a Company Page, providing more information about products and services, as well as listing any job vacancies and an overview of the firm.. Any Linkedin member can follow a business that has established a Company Page as a way to get updates on company happenings.


There are several requirements for being able to create a Company Page on Linkedin, such as having a unique email address including the company name in it (Yahoo, Gmail and other generic email accounts are not recognized as business accounts) and your involvement with the company being listed on your Linkedin home page. But if you meet the requirement, it just makes good business sense to have a Company Page on Linkedin.


Archway’s team of proven professionals can help you meet those Company Page requirements in no time. Our experts can create your Company Page and handle other social media duties for your firm, allowing you and other personnel to focus on other business areas.


Without a company domain name, you may want to look at creating one or establish a Linkedin Group in your genre instead of a Company Page.


A Linkedin Company Page can showcase your business, reach new clients and attract top talent. More than 2 million businesses are already showing themselves off on Linkedin. They are reaching current customers, future customers, job hunters and business associates and partners. Why should you be lagging behind them?


Tuned to the business beat, Linkedin users are much more business savvy than individuals only on Facebook or other social media.


You can reach individuals interested in your business, your field of expertise, individuals seeking new professional opportunities and people wanting quality goods and services – all through a Company Page. Individuals can stay apprised of news and happenings, new products and services, and job opportunities at your company through your Company Page.


Your Company Page consists of four parts: an overview, products and services, careers and insights. With Archway helping you, your company can be regularly updating information on the Company Page and drawing more potential clients to you.


With your Company Page, you can tell you firm’s story and history, promote new and existing products and services, seek out top candidates for job openings, and drive traffic to your website through attention being brought to your site.


Let the professionals at Archway find ways on Linkedin and other avenues to promote your business. Call or email us and let our team get working on your Company Page. Call us at 1-877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email and see just how much support we can give your business.