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Social media sites get a bad reputation for being a tool used for individuals to talk about themselves or about trivial matters. However, a presence on every social media site that one can think of is a necessity for all businesses, small or large. Here are some of the different social media sites that a business can use to their advantage.

Some Social Media Sites Arereddit

The above are social media sites that businesses can use to their advantage that are not video- or picture-oriented.

Twitter is not the one-sided conversation tool that it looks like at first glance. Instead, it is the most important promotion tool. There are two kinds of people who use Twitter: those who own businesses and want promotion, and those who have accounts solely to follow businesses and people of import and find out about what is being promoted.
It allows the use of both a profile picture and an overhead banner that a business could use to advertise a current alltwitter-twitter-bird-logo-white-on-blueproject or promotion. Hashtags allow the user to tag words within entries, so that anyone searching for that particular tag will see the entry. This is a great way to spread awareness to potential clients.
Before getting to 2,000 followers, a user is allowed to follow up to 2,000 people, but only a certain number can be followed per day. It is generally not a good idea for a business to follow too many people simply in the hopes that those people will become followers in return, but following accounts that would follow the type of business you have is never a bad idea. A band, an author or an art-related business, however, can follow a lot of people without looking less legitimate, and there are an abundance of people following similar accounts that you can follow.
People can be messaged, tweeted to, and replied to, but sending someone a private message solely for the purpose of trying to engage them in your business will not likely be successful. Too many users try to do that on twitter anyway, and private messages can quickly become more sources of spam than anything else.
Twitter also allows a short bio and a website, and a business with two websites can always put the URL for the second one in the bio section.

Reddit is not as openly accepting of promotion as Twitter is, but it can still be a good place to get people interested in what a business have to offer. There is no real profile page for users, so it isn’t as if some real advertising for a user’s business can take place. But interacting with users and posting in threads simply for conversations’ sake can certainly get notice.
Reddit has strict rules regarding spam, so anyone wanting to promote something on Reddit needs to make sure that anything they post can not be seen as spam. Certain subreddits also encourage users to comment on a certain number of posts before posting your own thread, in order to cut down on spam.
Sub-reddits are general categories within Reditt, such as “music,” “books” and “news”. If a business has to do with science and has a specific story to share (as in, not simply a promotion for the business), the science subreddit would be a good place to post. If a business has gotten some press coverage, trivial or not, the news subreddit may be a good place to post the link to the article.

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