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the latest picture of YouTube trends

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Get the latest picture of YouTube trends

Knowing what is hot on YouTube can impact your business’ video presence and social media efforts on the Web.

Archway Internet Marketing can monitor YouTube trends for your business and help you with your video posts. Archway’s social media experts can let you know the latest trends in the industry and just where to put your video and marketing efforts.

One place Archway turns for information is YouTube Trends. The site provides up-to-date information on just what is happening in video production. Archway can breakdown the YouTube Trends numbers and let you know what the figures mean for your marketing efforts.

Using viewership data and input from video experts from across the country, YouTube Trends provides insights into what is drawing viewers across the country. It also helps determine why that popularity is occurring.

Archway can take that information a step farther and show you just how your business can capitalize on those YouTube Trend numbers.

YouTube Trends also serves as a testing site for video tools , allowing a sharing of information and reviews about new technology.

Key tools on YouTube Trends are the Dashboard and Map.  The Trends Dashboard monitors the most watched and most shared videos on YouTube. The Dashboard, introduced in 2010, can break the video numbers down by location and demographics.

The Trends Map shows the most watched and shared videos in different areas of the United States during the last 12 to 24 hours. The map takes the Dashboard data and shows the impact across the United States. It also shows the top videos for various demographic groups. Top videos are shown through bar charts, with different colors noting the top videos among different demographic groups.

Demographics data is gained through the videos viewed by registered and logged-in YouTube users.  There are times that data is insufficient for a certain city and a complete list of video viewing for that city is not available. Some areas are not used for statistical purposes as a reliable number cannot be gained from that area on a regular basis.

The Trends Map is only used for the United States right now, but YouTube hopes to expand its video viewing and sharing to include other countries in the very near future.

The Dashboard’s time-consuming downloads between a selected region and the listing information have angered some users, but YouTube says it is working on trying to speed up the download time and asks for users, in the interim, to be patient and wait for the downloads to occur.

Archway can help your business determine the best video uses for the firm and keep track of YouTube trends for you.

Call or email Archway today and let a team of professionals explain how to grow your business with video images. Call 1-877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email manageyourtwitter@gmail.com and let’s get working on video and other marketing tools for you

Gives tours of your firm 24/7

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When French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte said “A picture is worth a thousand words,” he must have been envisioning virtual tours.

You can drop 9,000 or 10,000 words explaining how awesome your business is (and likely lose you readers’ interest at about word 513) or you can show people just how awesome your office is with a virtual tour. Archway Internet Marketing can help create that visual tour for your business. You can make guests feel like they’re only a mugful of coffee away from being right in your office.

Archway can work with your firm to give virtual visitors a panoramic, 360-degree view of the inner workings of your establishment. You can show them the equipment, personnel and production they get when they hire your firm. You can showcase just what sets your business apart from the rest. No matter how good of a salesman you are when visiting a client, the thought always exists in his or her mind of “Is this firm really that good?” (along with “When is he going to offer to buy me lunch?,” of course). With the virtual tour that Archway can create for your business, you can back all your bravado with proof that your equipment and personnel are second to none.

Even if half the world away, potential and existing clients can walk around your office, learning the ins and outs of your business through the virtual tour. They can see just how impressive your business is – and they can do it whenever it is convenient for them – from their office, their laptop, their smartphone or even from the comfort of their own home via their desktop computer. They will get a guided tour of your business without you having to stay late and miss dinner with the family.

Archway can help you create a top virtual tour and get the marketing tool placed prominently on Google so you draw web hits from potential clients around the globe. The tour will even show up in Google searches, Google + Local and Google maps. Archway can also help get the virtual tour as part of your own business website, driving even more traffic to your web address. It can also be a part of your social media efforts, drawing even more interest and visitors to your website.

You can get up to 10 points of interest photos to show off your business. Clients and customers can see just what makes your office tick, how you do what you do. A virtual tour puts your best foot forward every single time someone clicks around your business website.

Archway can also help you track the virtual tool’s activity and what kind of return it is creating on your investment. You will get all the analytics on the virtual tool – and Archway will break the numbers down for you in easy-to-understand language.

With the virtual tour, you get royalty-free pictures and no server fees. Statistics show that nearly 5 million Americans every day take a virtual tour and that 67 percent of individuals with incomes of more than $75,000 have taken virtual tours. Make sure your firm is not missing out on valuable exposure to potential customers by not having a virtual tour.

Archway can also help you market the virtual tour through emails and social media outlets, providing the greatest exposure possible for your effort.

The marketing experts at Archway can also help get the right pictures of your business put on Google Places so that potential customers are seeing your business at its best. Archway will design a marketing plan for you involving virtual tours, Google Places, social media and whatever other avenues you want to explore. And if you are not sure what direction to take,  Archway can give you a ton of recommendations.

An Archway representative can put a virtual tour plan in place for your business.

Call or email Archway today and let a team of professionals explain how to grow your business with images. Call 1-877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email manageyourtwitter@gamil.com and let’s get working on getting those images in place. Napoleon Bonaparte would be proud.

Funniest print ads and commercials

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Companies have come up with some amazingly funny and creative ways to get us to remember their products in 2012.


From Matthew Broderick bringing back his “Ferris Bueller” character to hawk Hondas to dogs destined for a television showdown that might make Maury Povich blush, advertising has definitely made us laugh this year.


Many of the side-splitting commercials were part of this year’s Super Bowl telecast, combining celebrities and spoofs for memorable spots for millions of television viewers.


The year’s top print ad were sans celebrities,but that did not have them taking a back seat in the humor department whatsoever. Their stark, one-page images definitely got the attention of readers, the goal of any advertisement.


Here’s a look at the top 10 print ads and commercials so far in 2012:

Print Ads

“Spending too much time with the wife?” – Clemenger BBDO Melbourne gets the point across about the manliness of Foster’s beer with this ad. Pictures of couples with very similar outfits and hair-dos carried a strong message about how much more manly Carlton Mid and other Foster products are than other beers.

“Real Date” – A Brazilian print ad for the O Fio Brier Bar humorously targets the phony world of online dating, urging potential patrons to “Get out of web affairs. Have a real date.”

“Dogs have issues too” – It would seem somebody at the Johannesburg-based Ireland Davenport agency saw one too many episodes of “The Maury Show” before working on this ad. The only thing that appears to be missing from the ad for National Geographic Channel’s “Dog Whisperer” is Maury Povich bellowing to the male golden retriever eying the spotted pups, “Duke, you are not the father!”


“Frozen Meat” –  When you are the only provider of garden fresh baby food, nothing screams it like Godzilla-size killer chickens invading a town. The Lithuanian baby-food producer Marmaluzi generated a memorable and funny ad with this ‘B’ movie spoof.


“The Wine List” – Creating a full-page ad with nary a piece of art is tough to do, but Colenso BBDO, Australia, pulls it off masterfully with this beer ad playing on the fear of any man who has taken the wine list to try and impress. Its ad also swirls around the idea in your brain that DB Export Dry is a sophisticated beverage.




“Cape Cod Chips’ A Flock of Seagulls” – This is an example of why Al Gore invented computer-generated imagery (or was that the Internet?) A flock of seagulls rocking A Flock of Seagulls’ “I Ran” on a beach? Classic. This 30-second spot has so much awesomeness, it bears repeat viewing. In your replays, notice the lighthouse, which is identical to the one on the Cape Cod bag, in the background and   the drummer going all Hollywood and knocking a cymbal of  its stand. Thank you, Al Gore, this ad rocks!

“Charlie Sheen’s Reborn”  – Everyone is “winning” when they see this ad for a Bavarian beer being sold in the Netherlands. Charlie Sheen pokes fun at himself in the spot as he leaves rehab promising never to be back again. However, on the way home, he thinks he is hallucinating as everyone he sees – including a pregnant woman and a police officer – are drinking beer. Sheen is so perplexed at things, including a beer bash being thrown in his honor – that he freaks out and fires off the ‘F’ bomb (a line Sheen likely didn’t need to rehearse). Everything finally makes sense in Sheen’s world (if it ever really does) when he eventually sees that what everyone’s drinking is Bavaria Global’s new alcohol-free beer,  Bavaria Lemon.

“Matthew’s Day Off” – Matthew Broderick brought back his “Ferris Bueller” character in this Honda ad for the Super Bowl. Broderick takes a cue from his inner Ferris and fakes a sick day during a movie shoot. He then traipses through the city on an escapade, including a trip to the race track and singing in a Chinatown parade, that would make Ferris proud. Adding to the commercial’s humor and charm are modern day versions of the economics teacher and the parking lot attendant’s Ferrari-like handling of Broderick’s CR-V.

“Toyota reinvents everything” – Toyota had its own stellar showing Super Bowl Sunday with this ad which notes after reinventing the Camry, Toyota personnel just kept on going. They reinvented the police officer (above) to also give back rubs, couches to be made of bikini-clad babes or bathing suit-wearing, chiseled guys (the choice is yours), and drapes made of pizza. Like a politician, the ad fails to give any facts, such as what exactly has changed with the Camry, but after babes, back rubs and pizza, do you really need to know?

“Chevy Camero graduation gift” – Chevrolet made its own mark on the Super Bowl market with this ad of a starry-eyed graduate looking right past his parents’ gift and thinking a neighbor’s Chevrolet Camero was his surprise. The commercial was actually written and produced by 26-year-old filmmaker Zach Borst who won a contest Chevy conducted for its Super Bowl ad. He used friends for actors, locations and camera help. The grad commercial topped nearly 600 submissions for the competition.




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One of the most popular video websites is www.hulu.com. It allows users to watch TV shows, movies, and concerts, for free.
Although users may watch some videos for free, there are some advantages to paying for an account. If someone has a facebook connected account, the user can log into a personalized homepage, where the user can see his or her friends’ favorite shows. Only people, who have accounts, can have conversations, via hulu, with other users, who follow the same shows. Each person, who has an account, can maintain a video queue and add videos to it. Each user, who buys an account, can use parental controls, to control what their children watch.
The hulu staff tries to keep the videos, on the site, for as long as possible. However, the length of time that the videos are on the site is determined by the content partners. The hulu staff tries to get more time, for each video, but, sometimes, they must take the videos from the site.
The site allows someone to buy an account, for someone else, as a gift. Hulu has
recommendations page. It suggests new videos that a user might want to watch, based on videos he or she already watched.
This information should help you decide whether you want to use hulu. If you want more information, about the site, please read www.hulu.com.

A Social Search

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Two popular sites that, help authors and blog publishers find one another, are www.textbroker.com and writeraccess.com. Here are some details of each site. The textbroker sites states that the site is for unique and exclusively written articles that are written to the client’s requests. They pay fixed rates that ensure easy planning for budgeting. They say that they have a large list of authors, who are knowledgeable about many subjects. The site states that their authors aren’t required to already be professional authors, but their better writers earn more money. The site has a section for clients to sign up and a section for authors to sign up. The section for clients states that they have thousands of authors who want to write articles, blog posts, and reviews, for reasonable prices. The section, for authors, states that proper spelling and grammar are required. It states that the authors can use, for free, the Textbroker WordPress Plug-In, to help the authors post their articles. Writersaccess.com states that it has sold more than 260,000 articles to more than 3,000 clients. That site states that it uses Copyscape originality verification and new technology to make the approval process easy. Unlike textbroker, the writersaccess site gives more details about their pricing. It states that a client can start by making a $50 deposit that’s 100% applied to the client’s first order. The writersaccess site also states that a client may choose a pricing plan. A client may choose to pay a certain cost per word and choose a star rating, for an author. A higher-rated author is paid more. A client may choose to pay a fixed-rate that is nogotiated with the author. Both of these sites can be useful for authors and webmasters who want to pay for articles. Both of those groups can benefit from one of these sites or both of them. If someone considers conducting business with these companies, he or she should read all of the details, on both sites, to find which one is better for that person.

Daily Motion

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  Millions of people know about www.youtube.com, and more people should know about the second-most popular video website, www.dailymotion.com.  In June 2012, that site had about 27,000,000 unique monthly visitors.  More businesses and political candidates should use Daily Motion, to post their videos, for free.

Daily Motion was founded on March 15, 2005, in Paris.  In July 2007, the founders opened a U.S.-based office.  They knew that, if they had a U.S. office, more Americans would use the site.

Daily Motion is a good site for professional and personal use.  It offers a mix of professional content, contextual advertising, and paid top producers, through their Motion Maker program.  Some of their video categories are Movies, Games, Music, Sports, TV, Geek Out, Funny, Motion Makers, News-Weird, Caleb, Animation, and Viral Pick.

Daily Motion has a localization feature that allows users to easily search for videos, for their area.  This feature was customized for 15 countries.  The Daily Motion staff drives the localization use by reaching out to local content providers for each region to increase the local offerings for each area.

Although youtube is popular, more people, who want to share videos, on the internet, should also use www.dailymotion.com, to ensure that more people will see their videos.

Why video is so important!

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There are many reasons why using www.youtube.com and other video websites can be important and helpful for many people. Video sites can help businesses tell about their products. Video sites can help political candidates, since more people, who aren’t able to attend campaign rallies, can listen to the speeches, on the websites. Charities can use the sites to show speeches about how their money, from donations, will be used to help people. There are more than 50 video share websites, and the number continues to increase. The majority of those sites have very helpful features. Those features include a search box, the ability to search by category, screenshot previews of the videos, a short description of the content, user submitted video ratings, and other features that improve the viewing experience. Some of the best video share sites include features that help users produce and post their videos. The sites, sometimes, offer video creation tools, educational resources, and the ability to add a description and choose whether the video is public or private. The majority of video sites are easy to navigate and use, with organized categories and a search box. Although the sites are free, they usually include good help, through FAQ’s, user guides, and customer service, by email, phone, or both. Here are some statistics that show how popular youtube is. Each month, more video is uploaded to youtube than the three major U.S. TV networks created in 60 years. An auto-shared tweet causes six new youtube.com sessions, and there are usually more than 500 tweets per minute that contain youtube links. 10% of youtube videos are available in HD. Youtube has 490 million unique visitors per month. The average youtube user uses the site for five hours and 50 minutes, per month. More than half of youtube videos have been rated and/or include comments. More than 4 billion youtube videos are viewed, each day. Since video websites are very popular and easy to use, it’s important for more Americans to use the sites, to promote their work and other organizations.