the latest picture of YouTube trends

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Get the latest picture of YouTube trends

Knowing what is hot on YouTube can impact your business’ video presence and social media efforts on the Web.

Archway Internet Marketing can monitor YouTube trends for your business and help you with your video posts. Archway’s social media experts can let you know the latest trends in the industry and just where to put your video and marketing efforts.

One place Archway turns for information is YouTube Trends. The site provides up-to-date information on just what is happening in video production. Archway can breakdown the YouTube Trends numbers and let you know what the figures mean for your marketing efforts.

Using viewership data and input from video experts from across the country, YouTube Trends provides insights into what is drawing viewers across the country. It also helps determine why that popularity is occurring.

Archway can take that information a step farther and show you just how your business can capitalize on those YouTube Trend numbers.

YouTube Trends also serves as a testing site for video tools , allowing a sharing of information and reviews about new technology.

Key tools on YouTube Trends are the Dashboard and Map.  The Trends Dashboard monitors the most watched and most shared videos on YouTube. The Dashboard, introduced in 2010, can break the video numbers down by location and demographics.

The Trends Map shows the most watched and shared videos in different areas of the United States during the last 12 to 24 hours. The map takes the Dashboard data and shows the impact across the United States. It also shows the top videos for various demographic groups. Top videos are shown through bar charts, with different colors noting the top videos among different demographic groups.

Demographics data is gained through the videos viewed by registered and logged-in YouTube users.  There are times that data is insufficient for a certain city and a complete list of video viewing for that city is not available. Some areas are not used for statistical purposes as a reliable number cannot be gained from that area on a regular basis.

The Trends Map is only used for the United States right now, but YouTube hopes to expand its video viewing and sharing to include other countries in the very near future.

The Dashboard’s time-consuming downloads between a selected region and the listing information have angered some users, but YouTube says it is working on trying to speed up the download time and asks for users, in the interim, to be patient and wait for the downloads to occur.

Archway can help your business determine the best video uses for the firm and keep track of YouTube trends for you.

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