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End of Summer 8 8 2013

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Gives tours of your firm 24/7

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When French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte said “A picture is worth a thousand words,” he must have been envisioning virtual tours.

You can drop 9,000 or 10,000 words explaining how awesome your business is (and likely lose you readers’ interest at about word 513) or you can show people just how awesome your office is with a virtual tour. Archway Internet Marketing can help create that visual tour for your business. You can make guests feel like they’re only a mugful of coffee away from being right in your office.

Archway can work with your firm to give virtual visitors a panoramic, 360-degree view of the inner workings of your establishment. You can show them the equipment, personnel and production they get when they hire your firm. You can showcase just what sets your business apart from the rest. No matter how good of a salesman you are when visiting a client, the thought always exists in his or her mind of “Is this firm really that good?” (along with “When is he going to offer to buy me lunch?,” of course). With the virtual tour that Archway can create for your business, you can back all your bravado with proof that your equipment and personnel are second to none.

Even if half the world away, potential and existing clients can walk around your office, learning the ins and outs of your business through the virtual tour. They can see just how impressive your business is – and they can do it whenever it is convenient for them – from their office, their laptop, their smartphone or even from the comfort of their own home via their desktop computer. They will get a guided tour of your business without you having to stay late and miss dinner with the family.

Archway can help you create a top virtual tour and get the marketing tool placed prominently on Google so you draw web hits from potential clients around the globe. The tour will even show up in Google searches, Google + Local and Google maps. Archway can also help get the virtual tour as part of your own business website, driving even more traffic to your web address. It can also be a part of your social media efforts, drawing even more interest and visitors to your website.

You can get up to 10 points of interest photos to show off your business. Clients and customers can see just what makes your office tick, how you do what you do. A virtual tour puts your best foot forward every single time someone clicks around your business website.

Archway can also help you track the virtual tool’s activity and what kind of return it is creating on your investment. You will get all the analytics on the virtual tool – and Archway will break the numbers down for you in easy-to-understand language.

With the virtual tour, you get royalty-free pictures and no server fees. Statistics show that nearly 5 million Americans every day take a virtual tour and that 67 percent of individuals with incomes of more than $75,000 have taken virtual tours. Make sure your firm is not missing out on valuable exposure to potential customers by not having a virtual tour.

Archway can also help you market the virtual tour through emails and social media outlets, providing the greatest exposure possible for your effort.

The marketing experts at Archway can also help get the right pictures of your business put on Google Places so that potential customers are seeing your business at its best. Archway will design a marketing plan for you involving virtual tours, Google Places, social media and whatever other avenues you want to explore. And if you are not sure what direction to take,  Archway can give you a ton of recommendations.

An Archway representative can put a virtual tour plan in place for your business.

Call or email Archway today and let a team of professionals explain how to grow your business with images. Call 1-877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email and let’s get working on getting those images in place. Napoleon Bonaparte would be proud.

Grow your business with a Mobile App

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Keeping up with technology is not just a way to get ahead; it is a vital component of business survival these days.

Fall behind the technology curve and you risk going the way of Beta videotape and eight-track tapes. App’s for iPad’s and Android phones are changing the way people live and conduct business and your firm needs to be part of the action.

Mobile app’s are new technology requiring constant monitoring as the industry continues to change rapidly. There are huge advantages to being at the forefront of mobile app use. Archway Internet Marketing can help map out a plan for your business to capture the emerging mobile app audience. By using mobile app’s wisely, you can grow your business and see increased profits.

Here are five ways that mobile app’s can grow your business:

  1. Advertising – By having your business name and company logo prominent on your app, you have free advertising and a constant reminder of your name to clients and potential clients. It keeps your name prevalent in individuals’ minds. By being at the forefront of mobile ap use, you can put yourself ahead of your competition. With more individuals going to iPad’s and Androids every day, you have a constantly growing audience by being active with mobile app’s.
  2. Constant access – Much like having a web presence, having a mobile app gives potential customers the ability to access your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Allowing people to see your products and services at their convenience is a great benefit for your company.  You can give customers the option of reaching out to your business without having to go to your website.
  3. Marketing component – A mobile app is one more way to market your business. You can cross-advertise, driving people to your Facebook page, Twitter tweets and other social media avenues and vice versa.  Customers can also spread the word about your business by sharing your mobile app with friends. You can also work the mobile app to keep users informed about promotions and deals.
  4. Business builder – People are enthralled with their gadgets. Smart phones’ popularity continues to grow. If you give people a helpful and engaging app, they will keep you prevalent in their mind. Give them something they can use – whether for business or pleasure – and they will share word about your app with others.
  5. Revenue source – Giving customers an avenue to order your goods or services through your app can be another revenue stream for your business. In additional to your brick-and-motor store, having people buy your product at their convenience is a great way to raise your revenue. If they can get what you are offering with a few taps of their smart phone, they are likely to remain a regular customer.  You can also garner revenue through mobile app upgrades that require purchase or through advertising on your app.


Many businesses have yet to get a mobile app presence. You can take a portion of your competitors’ business by being app active ahead of them. Archway Internet Marketing can show you just how to get that done.

An Archway representative can put a mobile app plan in place for your business.

Call or email us today and let our team explain how we can grow your business with a mobile app. Call 1-877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email and let’s get working on that business app.




Coding and kids

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By Christian Wilson

Traveling to 50 trade shows in the last five years, I have spoken to a lot of great coders. The funny thing is that few of them learned their coding skills in classes.

The hacking and drinking scene from “The Social Network”

doesn’t have a professor anywhere in the picture and that is pretty accurate. Coding is not a skill embellished within the walls of academia. It is a talent that gets perfected by those outside the “book smart” set.

I am not a fan of my son prepping for such coding job interviews as in The Social Network, especially because he is only 12 years of age! But getting him started now on coding can only help his future.

There is a West Coast college that costs way beyond $20,000 to get into and I am not sure instructors there teach their students how to handle The Social Network assignment – hacking and interception. I am pretty sure that if you called instructors at the college and asked “Do you teach your students ‘to gain root access to a python web server, expose its SSL encryption and intercept all traffic over its secure port … all behind a Pix firewall emulator?” there would be silence or a dial tone on the other end.

Do our schools teach:
 Python?
 Ruby on Rails?
 PHP?

Why aren’t they?

Check out higher education course syllabuses and you likely will see few mentions of these items anywhere within the classroom setting.

Why are we waiting until college to have kids get involved in coding? I believe that kids in high school, or maybe even grade school, would have an easier time reading, writing and understanding the code language. Much like any foreign language, the earlier you get students immersed in the language, the more fluent they become. Why are we not teaching code in grade schools and middle schools?











As an example, even if you just had kids play a code-learning game, like’s Code Hero ( ), an hour a week, it could mean big bucks for those kids later in life. By having the basics of code language, as well as having fun with code, they could be well on their way to lucrative IT careers. With such games, you could also find the naturals with code and steer them down more IT avenues. Activities like Code Hero let youth make their own game while learning code in the process.

I have my son creating a blog this summer just so he learns the fundamentals of coding. While giving him some coding knowledge, it also will help him with his reading and writing skills. Plus, it starts getting him ready for that Facebook interview in nine or 10 years (minus the shots I hope)!

A Social Search

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Two popular sites that, help authors and blog publishers find one another, are and Here are some details of each site. The textbroker sites states that the site is for unique and exclusively written articles that are written to the client’s requests. They pay fixed rates that ensure easy planning for budgeting. They say that they have a large list of authors, who are knowledgeable about many subjects. The site states that their authors aren’t required to already be professional authors, but their better writers earn more money. The site has a section for clients to sign up and a section for authors to sign up. The section for clients states that they have thousands of authors who want to write articles, blog posts, and reviews, for reasonable prices. The section, for authors, states that proper spelling and grammar are required. It states that the authors can use, for free, the Textbroker WordPress Plug-In, to help the authors post their articles. states that it has sold more than 260,000 articles to more than 3,000 clients. That site states that it uses Copyscape originality verification and new technology to make the approval process easy. Unlike textbroker, the writersaccess site gives more details about their pricing. It states that a client can start by making a $50 deposit that’s 100% applied to the client’s first order. The writersaccess site also states that a client may choose a pricing plan. A client may choose to pay a certain cost per word and choose a star rating, for an author. A higher-rated author is paid more. A client may choose to pay a fixed-rate that is nogotiated with the author. Both of these sites can be useful for authors and webmasters who want to pay for articles. Both of those groups can benefit from one of these sites or both of them. If someone considers conducting business with these companies, he or she should read all of the details, on both sites, to find which one is better for that person.

Web Development

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Every month, someone creates new improvements, in web development.  Here are a few of the best web development improvements that became popular in July.

      Nitro is a task manager that interfaces with Dropbox or Ubuntu.  It helps bloggers become more productive.  It offers lists for organizing tasks, due dates, search, recurring tasks, and themes.
     Spin.js is a CSS generator that lets a user create a CSS-based loading spinner that has no external dependencies, no images, and no external CSS.  It’s very configurable.  It’s resolution independent.
      The Designer’s Survival Guide is a blog that offers often-updated lists of design tips on many topics.  The articles are written by leading designers and industry pros.  It’s a good resource, especially for novice designers.
      All of these innovations, in web development, should help bloggers and webmasters become better organized and/or write better articles.

Amazon tax law in Illinois removed.

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In March 2011, the Illinois legislature passed the Main Street Fairness Act, a bill that states that all companies who have any type of presence in Illinois and sell to Illinois customers, online, must charge an Illinois sales tax, from each of the company’s Illinos residents. Gov. Pat Quinn signed that bill. Gov. Quinn and many legislators thought that the law would help the Illinois government increase revenue by about $153 million, in 2011, but that didn’t happen, since some Illinois companies left the state, to avoid collecting the tax from their Illinois customers. New York, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and North Carolina passed similar laws, so those laws might affect many businesses who sell products, online, or consider doing that. In 2011, the Performance Marketing Association filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Cook County, to challenge the law. In April 2012, Cook Co. Circuit Judge Robert Lopez Cepero ruled that the law is unconstitutional. However, the Illinois Department of Revenue might appeal, so we still don’t know whether the law will be enforced. For small companies who are considering selling products, online, the effect of paying state sales taxes could be large, in terms of the cost to comply. Those companies might need to pay C.P.A.’s for many hours of work, if the companies are required to charge different amounts of sales taxes, depending upon the homestate of each customer. One of the reasons for the large increase of ecommerce is that it’s relatively easy to start a website and sell products, online. If many states enact laws that charge sales taxes on online sales, in those states, many new companies will decide that it’s not worth the work of complying, causing the companies to not sell, online. No one knows the affect of Illinois law, since it might be overturned. If the state appeals and wins, the law will probably discourage some companies from selling, online, to Illinois customers. If the law isn’t enforced, that will probably cause more companies to sell, online, to Illinois customers, creating more jobs.