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6:09 am

Archway Internet Marketing Inc.


Offers Ghost Blogging Services. In the voice of the owner.


Giving your business a voice through blogging is vitally important these days as more people look for information about businesses through the Internet.


But with so many things to juggle every day in running your business, how can you find the time to  write too?


Archway Internet Marketing can help with that task. We have ghostwriters who can do the writing for your company, giving the news and views you want portrayed in polished language. Our writing staff can provide articles on topics of interest to your potential clients. With our revolving blog posts, you regularly have fresh copy appearing on your site and keep your ranking high in search engine optimization, drawing more potential customers to your site.


Our writers understand SEO principals and how keywords can drive web traffic to your business.


Once viewed as a luxury, business bloggers are becoming a necessity. Estimates put the number of American businesses with bloggers already at 20 percent – and that number is expected to skyrocket in coming years. Of those businesses already with bloggers in place, 25 percent are outsourcing the work, industry experts contend., a clearing house for free-lancers, saw postings for ghostwriters surge in the first nine months of 2012 raising it from the 74th most popular job category to the 25th most popular job category.


With the Internet becoming an increasing force in business sales and services, having a blogger can give you an edge in keeping copy on your website fresh.


You could hire a blogger, and pick up all the expenses that go along with adding an employee to the staff – even a part-timer is going to cost you – or you can cut your costs by turning to Archway which has award-winning writers available to help you with blogging needs. Business blogging came into vogue about five years ago, with corporate giants looking to put a warmer face on their firm. Blogging has quickly made it into the domain of mom-and-pop establishments, with communication with customers signaling financial success and an increased presence in specialty markets.


With so many business leaders pulled so many different directions on a daily basis, cranking out a weekly blog becomes another chore to address. Working with Archway, which connects with top content producers, you get a person with the time, temperament and writing skills to represent your business.


Business blogs run the gamut of firms in operation. Getting people to repeatedly come back to your webpage can only benefit your business down the road. While they may not make a purchase the first time on your site, if they are intrigued by the subject matter, they likely will come back again – and make a purchase the second or third time. But if a web user clicks on your site a second time and sees the same copy there as two weeks ago, do you really think he or she will come back a third time?


Plus, for many business leaders turing a phrase on paper is not their forte,. Why not have someone who works with words for a living represent your company?


Archway will run writers pieces by you, if you want, to ensure they meet your standards before posting them on your website.


Talk to an Archway representative today and see how we can make ghostwriting work for your business.


Call or email us today and let our team explain how we can increase your company’s web presence through ghostwriting. Call 1-877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email and let’s get working on that vitally important web presence for your firm