Linking your business to others is vital

4:29 pm

Linking your business to others is vital


Websites’ positions in search engine results are calculated through many factors. Like the exact ingredients for the “special sauce” of McDonald’s Big Mac, just how the search engine rankings are determined is a well-guarded secret.


But we do know that the combination of factors is designed to give users of search engines results that are useful to them. And we can help you get right in the mix of things.


One way your business can improve its ranking in search engines is by having noteworthy sites link to your web pages. Google and other big search engines rank each link to your website and each link from your website. Those rankings are intended to show just how much your firm is a resource for others in the industry. It is not just the number of links that matters, but the quality of those links too.


Our experts at Archway Internet Marketing can do the legwork for you, building relationships with other webmasters and getting links to your website placed on key players in your industry. We will examine the traffic your existing links are generating and show you areas where we can boost your link placements.


Couple our work to boost your link rankings with our efforts to heighten your site through search engine optimization and watch your web traffic soar.


You should definitely be aware of unsolicited offers to get your webpages linked to hundreds of other sites. Far too often these listings are going to link farms, sites providing nothing but a variety of website links without any content or reason for people to stay on the site. This is a waste of time and money as Google and other major search engines filter out such link farms as they provide no meaningful content. Being on one of these pseudo directories may actually hurt your ranking instead of help it.


Building web connections is important, but the connections need to be the right connections, not just a dumping ground for web addresses, link these link farms provide. Having a number of quality connections directing people to your website will definitely boost your webpage rankings – and we can deliver those connections for you.


The words you use for your links tell the search engine monitors a lot about your business. Make sure you are using words that best describe your company in those links coming from both interior and exterior sources. Don’t use a hyperlink saying “click here” to learn about (insert your product name or category). Use your actual product name, or at least the product category, for your hyperlink. That will help boost your ranking. Being relevant with your keywords is so important for your ranking.


Make sure your webpages are linked to each other. That will help boost your search engine rankings as well.


The importance of these search engine enhancements cannot be understated. That is why you need to turn to the professionals at Archway to handle these responsibilities for you. Rest easy knowing our team of professionals is doing all they can to drive up your ranking on key search engines.


We will work to exchange text links with other key companies that have customers looking for a product or service like yours. Archway’s experts will also make sure your website is listed in important industry directories so that you are gaining all the possible Internet traffic that you can.


We can handle all your linking responsibilities, as well as web development and search engine optimization.


Call or email us today and let our team explain how we can increase your company’s web presence. Call 1-877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email and let’s get working on that vitally important web presence for your firm.