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Pinterest and Instagram are two avenues you can use to promote your business with images.
Being a very visual society, these two social media tools can get your business’s message out before potential customers with very few words. With images speaking volumes, these two tools give you the opportunity to make a lasting impression with potential customers with photos.
The experts at Archway Internet Marketing can show you how images can be used to promote your business. Archway representatives can market your business with images and in other ways to increase your presence before potential clients.
Pinterest allows you to create an online image collage and to share that collage – called a pinboard – with other Pinterest users. Pinterest is a growing factor on the social media scene and one of which you should be using.
Being as it is image based, the overwhelming feeling on Pinterest is positive – happy kids, stylish clothes, frolicking animals. Getting your business associated with all this Zen can only pay dividends. As one writer eloquently put it, Pinterest is “Facebook without the whining.”
But Pinterest is not just all sunshine and rainbows; it is a growing marketing tool too. Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than Google Plus, LinkedIn, Youtube and Reddit – combined. It is a social media tool you should be using for your business; and Archway can show you the best ways to promote your business on the site. With Archway’s help, you can do everything from promote your business through your profile to connect your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter account to cross-market
The all-photo site Instagram is another social media tool for your business to incorporate. While you may be tempted to use the site as another online catalog for all of your products, refrain from doing so. That will not generate the following that you are seeking.
Companies that excel at Instagram are ones that use it as a different tool, ones that give viewers behind-the-scene looks at company business, looks that are not available on more traditional media avenues. Giving viewers something different, something they are not getting already is what capitalizes on Instagram.
Anything that gives your customers more of a glimpse at the inner workings of your firm – without giving away trade secrets, of course, or putting the business or personnel in a bad light – is what is trending on Instagram. You can throw an occasional product on the site, but Instagram users are far more interested in seeing how that product was put together or how it is packaged and shipped to consumers.
If you have a team in the creative arts – or have people who do graphics for you – give them a chance to shine through Instagram. Let their creativity flow with photos, graphics and illustrations.
Promote the fun side of your business with Instagram. Let viewers see the boss cutting loose, why your business is a great place to work. Let people see the human side of your company.
An Archway representative can map out how to best use Instagram and Pinterest to market your business.
Call 1-877-50-TWEET (1-877-508-9338) or email and let’s start putting an images marketing plan in place for your company.


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