Package Pricing

4:31 am

Pricing is

Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

What do you want?

What does it cost?

Are you willing to pay the price?


Pricing Starts at
Twitter Services $90.00 per month
Facebook Services $200.00 per month
LinkedIn Services $100.00 per month
Blogging Services (ghost writing) $550.00 Per Month
Email Marketing $350.00 per Month
Mobile Marketing  $125.00 per Month
SEO $500.00 per Month
Domains $24.00 Per Year
SEM $100.00 Per Month management fee %20 percent
Restaurant Online Ordering Feature $35.00 per Month Start up Cost $700 dollars
video $225.00
Mobile Apps $1500.00-3500
Promotional Products $125.00
Web Design $1500.00
e-Commerce $10,750.00
Promotional Contests  $250.00
Free Services Pro Bono $0
Set up of all needed Social media accounts $35
Mobile Application if you already have a website $1500-3500
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