Web Development

4:08 pm

Today’s businesses need a website to market their products and services. A website typically provides a customer’s first impression of a company, so it’s essential that the website send the right message.

A great company often does not have an online presence. The first website for this type of company should provide basic facts such as the company’s products and services. The best websites evoke an emotional response from the viewer that causes them to buy the company’s products and services.

Internet users may be located almost anywhere in the world. A company that wishes to market itself on the Internet must therefore determine how to do so in a global manner.

Internet marketing techniques currently include email campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, contextual marketing, local online such as yelp and social media. Email campaigns are a type of direct marketing in which a company sends a marketing email to people who may wish to purchase that company’s products or services. A pay-per-click campaign involves paying a search engine a specific amount each time a visitor clicks on a link to an advertiser’s website. Contextual marketing involves placing links on a page that has content relating directly towards the advertiser products or services. Online yellow pages are the Internet equivalent of the yellow pages in a paper telephone directory. Social media is a list of website that provides social networking, local searches and user reviews.

The technologies used to market a business on the Internet include PHP and WordPress. PHP is a general scripting language for web servers that generates dynamic web pages. It can be implemented on most web servers, and PHP is also available as a shell on virtually all modern operating systems. WordPress is a web tool that provides blogging and content management for a website. It is currently the most popular content management system on the Internet.

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