Target your advertising :Contextual Advertising

4:12 pm


Targeting ads to web users is the idea behind contextual advertising. Linking ads to certain keywords, your company can focus in on individuals most likely to purchase your products or services.

It stands to reason that individual searching for certain keywords are likely consumers for goods and services most closely associated with those keywords.

The experts at Archway Internet Marketing can provide a contextual advertising plan for you. We will work with you to determine the best keywords to target for your business. We will work with you to focus contextual advertising on the most opportune keywords for your business. Rest assured that we have the expertise and track record to make your contextual advertising effort beneficial to your bottom line.

No matter your business’ specialty, we can devise a keyword-advertising plan that captures the most business possible for the advertising dollars that you have to spend. Whether you are looking for ads on a search results page or to have pop-up ads promoting your business, we can take care of all your targeted advertising needs. Archway representatives will devise a contextual advertising plan with you and institute it on your behalf.

We understand that whether you are just starting out in your field or are an established business, you want the best return on your investment. We know that every dollar is important and we will work diligently to give you a contextual advertising plan that brings the most results for your financial investment.

Turning to contextual advertising tools like search and site retargeting can bring strong returns on your advertising dollar. Because the web users are seeking information linked to keywords that resonate with your business, you are not dealing with the masses here. You are getting pinpointed potential customers, individuals interested in the goods and services you have to offer.

You can drive potential clients and customers to your site by being linked to keywords pertaining to their interests and to your firm’s offerings. You can capture new customers by being part of the content they are already consuming.

With so many options out there, you need to make sure you are targeting your spending where it will get you the most bang for your buck. The experts at Archway will help you with those decisions. Capitalizing on keyword trends in this instant, real-time information age is vital for business success. How your contextual advertising is targeted can make or break your ad campaign. If you target the wrong keywords, your advertising dollars can be wasted. Let the experts at Archway explain your options and devise a specialized plan for your firm.

We can help you target customer with precise and proven keywords. Traffic will be driven to your site with keywords that ready-to-buy consumers use.

We won’t just get your website more clicks, but clicks that generate dollars. With ads linked to the right keywords, you will see a favorably return on your investment. Archway experts will bring you consumers through keyword targeting and category targeting.

Through keyword targeting, we will get your ads on search pages and other locations where designated keywords exist. We will explore getting your ads on product review sites, travel sites and other locations where keywords turn into sales.

Category targeting encompasses getting your ads on pages that algorithms show statistically fall into a certain category. The process is more accurate than keyword targeting as algorithms read the entire page to come up with the right category for a page. Businesses interested in a more broad advertising effort often turn to a couple category targets because they can cover a wider scale, drawing in more potential customers.

We can also blend keyword and category marketing, getting your ads on pages linked to certain keywords in the category or categories that you desire.

We will get you on high-traffic, highly desirable search pages and other sites where a whole new audience will be exposed to your products and services.

Don’t leave something as important as contextual advertising to chance. Turn to the experts at Archway Internet Marketing and let us put a plan together for you.

Call us at 877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email to find out how to put our contextual advertising experts to work for you.