Leave off page SEO work to us

4:28 pm

Off page search engine optimization is taking steps to drive up your web presence without tweaking the copy on your webpages. Where your webpage is hosted is one example of an off page SEO contributor.


While off page SEO can be a confusing topic, the experts at Archway Internet Marketing can spell it out in easy-to-understand terms. And, more importantly, we won’t just explain the concept to you, we will map out a course of action to drive up your web rankings.


A strong SEO effort should include on page SEO, as well as off page steps, and our professionals can provide you with a comprehensive approach, working with on page and off page tools to generate web traffic on your behalf.


While on page steps have been delved into already in earlier sections, let’s look at two key off page steps that we can provide for your business.


Links – The linking to your website from other websites is one way search engines judge the importance of your website. How those other pages are linked to your site affects your link rating. Search engines rank how those other links connect to your site and keywords, and how other pages interrelated to those sites drive your traffic.


Pay-per-click advertising – This is paid placement on a search engine (being listed on the top of a search engine although your organic numbers may not warrant it). Research shows that pay-per-click listings actually generate more sales than organic listings, although the organic listings get higher traffic overall. Businesses opting for the pay-per-click route pay every time their site is clicked on from search-engine results. Also, the broader the keywords you want your ad to pop up under, the more expensive those keywords will be. In turn, the more specific the keywords, the lower the cost to your business.


We at Archway can set up your links, as well as monitor the progress of your pay-per-click keywords. Our professionals will analyze your efforts and discuss courses of action with you. We can also help you with filtering clicks so you are only paying for bona fide shoppers not browsers.


We will work to make sure your ad copy and your landing page are a seemless transition and not frustrating for potential customers. Archway professionals will also make sure your keywords are closely aligned with your products so that your quality score on search engines such as Google are not affected.


Whatever your hopes for a stronger web presence, turn to Archway. We will deliver.


Call or email us today and let our team explain how we can increase your company’s web presence. Call 1-877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email manageyourtwitter@gmail.com and let’s get working on that stronger web presence.