On page SEO steps can boost web traffic

4:27 pm

Driving more customers to your web site is the goal of any business spending money on web development.


But how do you get the numbers to increase your ranking on search engines so that more customers click on your link? One way is s through on page search engine optimization. On page SEO entails working with content on your page, code, and things like robots.txt, a simple text file placed in your root directory telling search engines what areas of your site they can visit and index.


The architecture and navigation of your site also play a role in on page SEO and increasing your web presence.


The professionals at Archway Internet Marketing can heighten your web rankings by successfully using on page SEO and other tools. We will make your web pages as search-engine friendly as possible, putting the latest technologies to work for you.


Knowing how search-engine rankings operate, Archway can optimize your site, using keywords and other approaches to bring more potential customers to your site.


Some of the on page SEO steps Archway can handle for you include:


–        Ensuring that all your firm’s web pages are indexed by search engines.

–        Providing unique content on every page.

–        Creating at least one link on every page to somewhere else on the site.

–        Establishing page-title and description tags that heighten your web-page rankings.

–        Labeling headers on the web page with H tags.

–        Ensuring web page URLs are as SEO friendly as possible and that search-engine rankings are not lost because of clunky URLs.

–        Finding descriptive URLs and alt attributes for images on the site, not just using letters or numbers to identify those images.

–        Double-checking that links on your sites are complete and not being passed over by search engines.

–        Writing strong anchor text links for your web content.

–        Verifying that all code is valid. Bad code can cause search engines to not read pages properly.


With so much at stake in trying to increase your web presence, turn to the proven professionals at Archway. We will get you the result you want.