Google plus tools aid businesses

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Google plus is providing opportunities for businesses that other web access points do not.

Two of those opportunities are Hangouts and Communities. But just what exactly are these tools and how can they be beneficial to your business?

The experts at Archway Internet Marketing can explain the tools to you and in what ways they can specifically boost your business. But here is some basic information about the items:

Google Plus’ Hangouts give you another meeting tool, another way to connect with staff in other offices or clients across the country. Communities give you a way to connect with people sharing an interest, people who could use your product or service now or in the future.

Hangouts are video streams that let multiple people chat live at the same time. It is a huge advantage to using Google+ and one of its biggest selling points. The video streams have been improved since Google plus was instituted, making it a better business conference site. As long as you have at least 150 kilobits per second of bandwidth, you can connect to a Hangout.

There are also Hangouts On Air, which allow Google plus users to broadcast hangouts to many viewers. That web-access avenue has also been tweaked. Now when the host is the only participant in the Hangout On Air, the filmstrip of faces below the screen will go away.

A rapidly growing trend is Google + Communities. The Communities act similar to Groups on Facebook. Google + Communities are only a few months old, but have captured the fancy of those who are active on plus. It enables them to share information with individuals with similar interests.

Communities can be a boon to your business as Communities provide a key way to interact with potential customers, enabling you to connect with people who have a vested interest in your products. Having an interested audience is a huge benefit to businesses and a definite way to increase sales. By being involved with a Community linked to your product area, you are much more likely to sell your goods and services.

While the temptation is there to hawk your product continuously – and that alone can boost sales some – being part of a Google + Community gives you a great way to interact with customers and potential customers and build clients for the long haul, not just one-time sales. Google plus and other social media avenues should not be used simply as advertising venues, but more as ways to connect with current and future customers.

Communities give you a great way to increase attention of your brand and services. Communities are straight-forwarded gathering places and people in a Community that matches your business are definitely potential customers. Once you have established yourself as a trustworthy source of information, people in the Community will be more more willing to listen to sales pitches. Again, a soft sell is definitely better. You are still looking to generate relationships more than just one-time sales through your efforts.

If you look through the Communities and don’t find one that fits your product’s genre, start your own Community, and make it public to increase your audience. The experts at Archway can help you set up your own Community and monitor it for you. If you start your own Community, make sure to tell other Google Plus users about it, as well as clients and potential clients connected to you on other social media avenues, like Facebook and Twitter.

Many people turn to Google Plus Communities to get more information or questions answered in a certain field. Make sure that you share your expertise with the Community audience so they turn to you as an expert in that field. No better way to get a potential customer to your site than to answer one of their questions by pointing to information already posted in a blog on your website. You can also use Community discussions as fodder for your website’s blogs or articles.

Let the marketing experts at Archway help you with these Google + tools. Call us at 1-877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email us at and let us help with your marketing efforts through Google Plus.


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Christian Wilson has more than 20 years’ experience in the sales world, the last seven of which have been in digital advertising sales.





Customer relations management tools have changed greatly with technology in the last 20 years, he noted. When Wilson first started making sales calls, he used the telephone, pressing numbers dialed off lead cards that were nothing more than cards printed out with people’s name, address and phone number on them. Then he moved into a professional company that paid for a service called Tele-Magic that would allow the computer to know whom he dialed. It then let him collect all the client’s information in a database and, with one click of the mouse back in 1995, allowed him to create a piece that would be mailed out to the client.





Flash forward 18 years and Wilson is working with many different CRM tools. For the past five years some of these have been Act, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Cam Card Business Card Reader software and Goldmine. Not much of a fan of Apple over the years, Wilson’s first computer was an Apple II Plus, but since then, he has been a PC guy all the way. He still has an Android phone. Then Wilson purchased his wife an iPad for Christmas.


He thought it would be nothing more than a glorified toy. Then he started using it for work one night just to see if there was any CRM technology on it. He chose one app that was simple to use and simple to get started on for the next day. He found it unbelievably simple, able to put into practice all the things he had learned. All the CRM tools he had used in the last 20 years were on this device. He has used an iPad every day since.

FireShot Screen Capture #050 - 'Routzy I Mobile Sales and Contact Management App for the iPad' - www_routzy_com


Wilson has also used a number of accounting software tools since starting his business four years ago. QuickBooks, Quicken, Excel spreadsheets and now the digital world accept payments. He keeps track of personal finances with Mint and banks with Chase online. The coolest software Wilson says he has found for tracking business expenses and invoicing has got to be Xero.


Wilson has found that it is very simple to reach out to these companies whose technology he is using. He reaches out to them on Facebook and via phone. He does this not to just thank them for being great companies, but to see if he can “sharpen my business sword” through them.


By asking each of the companies to allow software components to work together or to get components to work in certain ways, Wilson has found it could make his life easier.


He said that every company is not going to be willing to do this. He said to reach out once per week to companies providing your sales-related technology and asking them to sharpen your sword for you is a logical step. This idea 10 years ago would simply not have been done because it would have gotten you nowhere, Wilson said. No company took “customer complaints,” or more appropriately “customer suggestions,” very seriously, he noted.


But today, in an ever-changing marketplace, more companies are growing out of efficiency. Great ideas are making our world fantastically simple, Wilson said.


With everyone walking around with a mobile computer in their pocket, Wilson said it is worth considering on a monthly, if not weekly, basis for each and every salesperson, no matter what their status in any organization, to reach out to technology companies. Wilson said by going to these firms with questions and suggestions it can help sharpen the individual’s business sword.

Google+ Community get your domain now!

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There is a new way to grab a hold of a large community and be able to really drive traffic to your site!  We will be working with large numbers of companies and already am working with 3 large very customer facing companies and restaurants that are always looking for new ways to help out the community. We have also partnered with many of the most High Tech companies to be able to bring our clients to the best venues.

Keep posts varied, short

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Having a social media presence is vital for a business today. With Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube, Google+, blogs, e-newsletters and websites, it is hard to imagine that you can overdue it with your posts, but you can.

Be an annoyance or narcissistic and your gains in social media numbers can disappear in a heartbeat. Good social media skills, like proper manners, are never going to steer you wrong.

Knowing when your social media efforts are going over the top is key to understanding how to effectively use these emerging communication tools.

Here are 10 ways businesses overdue social media:

  1. Overposting on Facebook and Twitter – Hammering followers with 25 posts a day may sound like a great way to get your name out there and dominate the social media scene, but eating up that much of a person’s day is going to turn them off and result in “unlikes” and lost followers. Keep your name out there without being a nuisance.
  2. Too self-centered posts: Tweets and status updates telling people where you are at or what you had to eat for your business lunch isn’t vital information. You may be an accountant and love numbers, but your followers are not going to be engaged by tales of your afternoon of number-crunching. It is good to gauge followers’ interest in your posts. Get their input on what they want to see more and what they want to see less in your updates.
  3. Increased postings with increased popularity – Just because your followers or friends have increased doesn’t mean you are suddenly that much more interesting and engaging. You do not need to post more once your popularity increases. Keep your postings at a consistent level, or, if anything, cut back slightly as your popularity rises.
  4. Posting in only one specific area – While your position or your business may be specialized, people don’t want to hear just about your niche. Let them know about company news of broader interest. Let that know about discounts and deals. Tell them when business numbers are up. Invite them to upcoming company events, when appropriate. Inform them about upcoming company plans and projects. Give them recaps of events and fiscal year performances.
  5. Writing too much – Long posts are not your business’s friend. People don’t want every detail of your business day. Keep posts short and too the point. This is a “need-it-now” society. People don’t have time to wade through paragraph after paragraph to get to the point of your post. Twitter breeds brevity with its 140-character limit, but know that you don’t need to use all 140 characters to get your point across to readers. Keep Facebook posts to quick recaps of business events and happenings,
  6. Overhastagging on Twitter – More than one or two hashtags in a post is over the top and completely unnecessary. Hashtag only what is essential. Don’t hashtag every word. And keep hashtagging to Twitter. It does not have a place or purpose on Facebook.
  7. Reciprocated “Likes” – Exchanging “Likes” with other pages on Facebook can boost your fan numbers, but doesn’t do anything for your page. In fact, such reciprocal moves can hurt your business because these reciprocal fans won’t interact with your content. Facebook algorithms detect such discrepancies and lessen your visibility on fans’ newsfeeds.
  8. Too many posts early – Business tend to heavily promote an event or a deadline way in advance and then slack off as the event or deadline nears. Continue to promote an event or deadline until it passes. With everything so instant today, people have apps on their smart phones and can access information from anywhere. Keep posting until the deadline or event passes.
  9. Automated responses – Yes, automated responses give people a response and free you up for other things, but it is a generic response – and not one that builds relationships. If people take the time to send you comments and concerns, take the time to send them back an honest reply. Taking the time to answer posts and tweets shows customers that you care. An automated response can say “thanks for your question or concern,” but also let that person know that he or she will hear back from someone – and follow through with that.
  10. Hammering one social media site – Focusing all your attention on one social media outlet misses lots of other potential customers. While you may like only doing Facebook posts for your business, people who could use and buy your products or services may be on Linkedin or Twitter. You need to link your social media together and use them all to your advantage. Every social media outlet has its own benefits. Use its different style to benefit your company. Facebook, for example, is more visual. Post photos of products and services there. Twitter is more text-based. Pinster is visual, good for photos, but also for pinning websites, links and blogs. Foursquare allows people to check in and post about businesses. Make sure you are keeping a presence on all social media outlets.


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One of the 10 most popular social media websites is The site states that it’s a virtual pinboard. It allows users to get a free account and share beautiful things (including articles and pictures) that the users find on other websites. Users may browse boards that are made by other users, to find new things and get new ideas from other people who have some of the same interests. Some Pinterest users use their boards to plan weddings, decorate, and share recipes.

A pin is any image that a pinterest user adds to his or her board. A pin may be added from any other website, by using the Pin It button. A user can upload pictures from his or her computer. Each pin that is added, using the Pin It button contains a link back to the original site.

A board is a set of pins that each user can create. A board can be created about any subject, including recipes, churches, or political views. A user may add as many pins as he or she chooses, to his or her board.

Unlike many social media websites, Pinterest is mainly a visual site. If a user wants to post information and doesn’t have any pictures, he or she won’t be able to contribute, well. Each user needs to choose interesting pictures to pin.

Some Pinterest users get accounts because they want to use the site to post offers from their businesses. It’s usually difficult for users to do that, since the majority of users find other pins on which they want to comment. Users usually find that they enjoy the site more, if they discuss other pictures.

Users should notice many things that others posted and comment on them. If you use the @ sign, the person you mention will be tagged. Users usually think that is a compliment.

Google follows Pinterest, so users should use keywords, when they create a pin. From an SEO standpoint, this is great news, since it may cause your link to be found by others. This may change.

The majority of Pinterest users are women. This is important for business owners who consider using Pinterest to promote their business. They should do that, only if they think that the majority of their customers are women.

Many people think that Pinterest is addicting. Pinterest users spend an average of 15 minutes, each day, “pinning.” Since this can be done while users use other sites, that time may be higher. Facebook users spend an average of 23 minutes, per day, on that site, but Pinterest is doing well, for a new site.

Few social media sites list etiquette, for those sites, but has a page “Pin Etiquette.” It states that the rules were sent by their users. That page reminds users to be polite and honest. That page reminds users to cite the original site, for each of their pins. That page asks users to report objectionable material, since they don’t allow nudity or anything that encourages violence.

These facts should help readers decide whether they want to user If you want to know more information, please read the site and views some boards.


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One of the most popular video websites is It allows users to watch TV shows, movies, and concerts, for free.
Although users may watch some videos for free, there are some advantages to paying for an account. If someone has a facebook connected account, the user can log into a personalized homepage, where the user can see his or her friends’ favorite shows. Only people, who have accounts, can have conversations, via hulu, with other users, who follow the same shows. Each person, who has an account, can maintain a video queue and add videos to it. Each user, who buys an account, can use parental controls, to control what their children watch.
The hulu staff tries to keep the videos, on the site, for as long as possible. However, the length of time that the videos are on the site is determined by the content partners. The hulu staff tries to get more time, for each video, but, sometimes, they must take the videos from the site.
The site allows someone to buy an account, for someone else, as a gift. Hulu has
recommendations page. It suggests new videos that a user might want to watch, based on videos he or she already watched.
This information should help you decide whether you want to use hulu. If you want more information, about the site, please read

A Social Search

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Social Media watch tools

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Two important companies, who can help businesses use social media, are Alterian and Raven Tools.  Here are some details about both companies.

      Alterian’s site states that they enable client to make smart decisions by delivering insight and foresight from known and new places, by giving strategic decision support and listening consultancy around customized solutions.  They say that they provide customized solutions around their social media technology platform, to change the customer’s marketing actions, regardless of how they do that.  They say that their Social Media Insights services change social media information into actionable business intelligence.  Alterian can show a company what people are saying about that company, who the influencers are, how Alterian’s customers can contact the influencers, and how the customer’s company compares to their competition.  The Alterian site states that some of their services are web content management, campaign management & analytics, email marketing, web behavior analytics, and social media marketing.  Their site states that they have different pricing plans, through their online store, for small, medium and large businesses.
      Raven Tools’ site states that their Social Stream tool can help a user monitor and participate in social conversations, while they happen.  Raven Tools allows a customer to customize the view to his or her social network, keyword searches, or other sites that the customer wants to monitor.  A user can quickly change views, to check different subjects, and a user can reply in real-time.  Raven has simple charts that help users analyze which content, in which form, and at what time is the most effective at driving traffic to the user’s site.  Raven’s Event Manager helps each user log social milestones and overlay that data with the user’s goals.  Raven gives users PDF reports that can help a user prove that his or her social media campaigns are producing good results.  Raven allows a user to use one location, to manage his or her internet marketing campaign, helping productivity increase.  Raven charges $99, per month, for a professional person, who works by himself or herself.  They charge $249, per month, for an agency.
     This information should help readers to decide whether they want to use Alterian, Raven, or both.  Both companies help users monitor social media sites that mention the business and/or competitors.  If you want more information about Alterian and/or Raven, please look for their websites.

Customer Relationship Management, CRM

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Customer Relationship Management, CRM,  is an information industry term for methodologies, software, and usually Internet capabilities that help an organization manage customer relationships in an organized way, which usually includes organizing a list of potential clients and their contact information.  Here is some information about two of the most popular CRM companies.
SugarCRM sells a new service, Sugar 6.  It helps companies use social media sites, including twitter, facebook, and linkedin, inside the companies’ SugarCRM interface.  Sugar6 extends the existing SugarCRM social platform, encompassing more external data sources to foster social business value. Sugar 6 includes some new features.  That includes the ability to quickly monitor individual and company activates, on many sites, including twitter, facebook, and linkedin, by using Sugar Cloud Connectors.  Another new feature allows a user to see social feeds inside the Sugar 6 user interface, increasing CRM use, productivity, and return on investment.

Radian6 was founded in 2006 because the founders thought that business owners should know what is said, about their company, industry, and competitors, online.  They built a listening platform that can help companies do that.  Radian6 helps businesses measure, analyze, and report on their social media work.  Radian6 helps businesses gain

insights from that information.  Radian6 uses all areas that social media affects, including customer service, sales, public relations, and marketing.  Radian6 is owned by Sales Force.  That company’s site,, includes Chatter – the company’s private and secure corporate social network.

This information should tell the reader enough information about SugarCRM and Radian6.  This should help readers decide whether they’ll use either of these services



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One of the newest social media sites is, a site that allows users to post photos so that the pictures can be see by anyone, who uses that site.

     The site states that it allows people to store, sort, search, and share photos.    The site states that it helps users organize a large number of photos and allows others to tell stories about them.  The site has pages that are titled “Sets” and “Groups.” Those pages allow users to search for collections of similar pictures, at the same time.
      The site states that there will always be a free version of Flickr.  It states that users can upgrade to a Flickr Pro account, for $24.95, per year.
     The site gives directions about what a user should do, to use a picture that the user found on Flickr.  Some members are told to check whether they need to request a license, to use the picture.  Some members are told to email the poster, directly.

These facts should show that Flickr is a useful website, for people who want to post pictures, view photos, from others, or both.  If you have any questions, about the service, please read the site,