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One of the newest social media sites is, a site that allows users to post photos so that the pictures can be see by anyone, who uses that site.

     The site states that it allows people to store, sort, search, and share photos.    The site states that it helps users organize a large number of photos and allows others to tell stories about them.  The site has pages that are titled “Sets” and “Groups.” Those pages allow users to search for collections of similar pictures, at the same time.
      The site states that there will always be a free version of Flickr.  It states that users can upgrade to a Flickr Pro account, for $24.95, per year.
     The site gives directions about what a user should do, to use a picture that the user found on Flickr.  Some members are told to check whether they need to request a license, to use the picture.  Some members are told to email the poster, directly.

These facts should show that Flickr is a useful website, for people who want to post pictures, view photos, from others, or both.  If you have any questions, about the service, please read the site,


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