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One of the most popular video websites is It allows users to watch TV shows, movies, and concerts, for free.
Although users may watch some videos for free, there are some advantages to paying for an account. If someone has a facebook connected account, the user can log into a personalized homepage, where the user can see his or her friends’ favorite shows. Only people, who have accounts, can have conversations, via hulu, with other users, who follow the same shows. Each person, who has an account, can maintain a video queue and add videos to it. Each user, who buys an account, can use parental controls, to control what their children watch.
The hulu staff tries to keep the videos, on the site, for as long as possible. However, the length of time that the videos are on the site is determined by the content partners. The hulu staff tries to get more time, for each video, but, sometimes, they must take the videos from the site.
The site allows someone to buy an account, for someone else, as a gift. Hulu has
recommendations page. It suggests new videos that a user might want to watch, based on videos he or she already watched.
This information should help you decide whether you want to use hulu. If you want more information, about the site, please read


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