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Two important companies, who can help businesses use social media, are Alterian and Raven Tools.  Here are some details about both companies.

      Alterian’s site states that they enable client to make smart decisions by delivering insight and foresight from known and new places, by giving strategic decision support and listening consultancy around customized solutions.  They say that they provide customized solutions around their social media technology platform, to change the customer’s marketing actions, regardless of how they do that.  They say that their Social Media Insights services change social media information into actionable business intelligence.  Alterian can show a company what people are saying about that company, who the influencers are, how Alterian’s customers can contact the influencers, and how the customer’s company compares to their competition.  The Alterian site states that some of their services are web content management, campaign management & analytics, email marketing, web behavior analytics, and social media marketing.  Their site states that they have different pricing plans, through their online store, for small, medium and large businesses.
      Raven Tools’ site states that their Social Stream tool can help a user monitor and participate in social conversations, while they happen.  Raven Tools allows a customer to customize the view to his or her social network, keyword searches, or other sites that the customer wants to monitor.  A user can quickly change views, to check different subjects, and a user can reply in real-time.  Raven has simple charts that help users analyze which content, in which form, and at what time is the most effective at driving traffic to the user’s site.  Raven’s Event Manager helps each user log social milestones and overlay that data with the user’s goals.  Raven gives users PDF reports that can help a user prove that his or her social media campaigns are producing good results.  Raven allows a user to use one location, to manage his or her internet marketing campaign, helping productivity increase.  Raven charges $99, per month, for a professional person, who works by himself or herself.  They charge $249, per month, for an agency.
     This information should help readers to decide whether they want to use Alterian, Raven, or both.  Both companies help users monitor social media sites that mention the business and/or competitors.  If you want more information about Alterian and/or Raven, please look for their websites.


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