Why video is so important!

11:00 pm

There are many reasons why using www.youtube.com and other video websites can be important and helpful for many people. Video sites can help businesses tell about their products. Video sites can help political candidates, since more people, who aren’t able to attend campaign rallies, can listen to the speeches, on the websites. Charities can use the sites to show speeches about how their money, from donations, will be used to help people. There are more than 50 video share websites, and the number continues to increase. The majority of those sites have very helpful features. Those features include a search box, the ability to search by category, screenshot previews of the videos, a short description of the content, user submitted video ratings, and other features that improve the viewing experience. Some of the best video share sites include features that help users produce and post their videos. The sites, sometimes, offer video creation tools, educational resources, and the ability to add a description and choose whether the video is public or private. The majority of video sites are easy to navigate and use, with organized categories and a search box. Although the sites are free, they usually include good help, through FAQ’s, user guides, and customer service, by email, phone, or both. Here are some statistics that show how popular youtube is. Each month, more video is uploaded to youtube than the three major U.S. TV networks created in 60 years. An auto-shared tweet causes six new youtube.com sessions, and there are usually more than 500 tweets per minute that contain youtube links. 10% of youtube videos are available in HD. Youtube has 490 million unique visitors per month. The average youtube user uses the site for five hours and 50 minutes, per month. More than half of youtube videos have been rated and/or include comments. More than 4 billion youtube videos are viewed, each day. Since video websites are very popular and easy to use, it’s important for more Americans to use the sites, to promote their work and other organizations.


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