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If you ever want to get noticed, if you want to make your business a success then you simply HAVE to get it online and here are the tips and tricks to make your site the success you want it to be.

The design of your web site is the crux of how your site begins, you wan to start with a site that is eye appealing yet professional and tasteful. Do not use garish and extreme colors on your site unless for some reason you would need to, you don’t want people to come by your site and say; “Oh my, this is tacky and I am going elsewhere!”

When designing your web site take into consideration who may visit your site. Is the site for a business person? An athlete? A banker? A cook? Whomever your site audience is is exactly who you are building your site for.

Web development can be super easy once you know how everything in a website fits together and how it all comes together to make your site the best of the best.

Web development is when you take the updated content that you have, make sure you place tags so that others can find your site among all the others and make your site clean and simple, no gaudy and had to maneuver in and you will have what we call web development.

Site description is the information that lets a customer who visits your site what your site is all about, information about you and your company, what you are selling or offering as well as how to contact you and other pertinent information they may need.

Site description is the crux of your site, without it your clients will not know anything about you, who you are and what you are on the web for, whether you blog, sell or simply have a message board, a website and its’ description is most important.

Another aspect of site descriptions is the use of tags along with how you will be describing your site, tags are words used in search engines to decipher what each website offers on its’ home pages as well as the overall site itself, make your tags as useful and concise as possible, else you will loose both your search engine rankings as well as followers to your site.

Another web development that you need to keep in mind is the content or better still the evolving content of your site.

Content site management or more commonly referred to as CMS is applications that will endeavor you to make your site unique from any and all others, with tools that will help you to engage your readers and buyers, you can pick out the right words to place the right content in the areas needed on your web site.

Evolving content is king on any website, ever been to a site that hasn’t changed in oh, say…months? Well, you won’t be going there anymore I bet!

Your content needs to be fresh and up-to-date if you want to keep repeat clients and loyal customers coming back.

Evolving content needs to be updated at the very least, once a week, any less than that and your customer base is going to slide off quick, better yet, updating your site every two to three days can boost your sites’ rankings a hundredfold.

Usability of a website is being able to navigate the site and find what you are looking for quickly and easily without having to hunt yourself to death.

When you find yourself at a site that is ‘busy’ and ill-arranged where none of the links are connected with each other or the links are ‘dead’ meaning they go nowhere and no useful information is found, then that site is no longer usable.

Usability is just that, making your website usable, if it isn’t then, if you build it NO ONE will come.

The call to action on getting your site ranked as high as possible in the Search Engine Optimization game, otherwise known as SEO require diligence on your part.

You must remember that anything doing is worth doing well and making a superior web site is no different. Be prepared to spend days even weeks to tweak your site so that you have poured out everything you have into it and making it look professional and ready for business is what you are aiming for.

Remember the days of doing book reports in high school and even college? Well, you do an outline and from that outline you do a draft and from that draft you make the final presentation, pretty much works the same way with your web presence.

A call to action means getting the site you want up and running the way that you want it with all the steps we have mentioned. Such as call us at 1-877-50-TWEET(89338)  for more information archwayinternetmarketing.com


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