Grow your business with a Mobile App

2:22 pm

Keeping up with technology is not just a way to get ahead; it is a vital component of business survival these days.

Fall behind the technology curve and you risk going the way of Beta videotape and eight-track tapes. App’s for iPad’s and Android phones are changing the way people live and conduct business and your firm needs to be part of the action.

Mobile app’s are new technology requiring constant monitoring as the industry continues to change rapidly. There are huge advantages to being at the forefront of mobile app use. Archway Internet Marketing can help map out a plan for your business to capture the emerging mobile app audience. By using mobile app’s wisely, you can grow your business and see increased profits.

Here are five ways that mobile app’s can grow your business:

  1. Advertising – By having your business name and company logo prominent on your app, you have free advertising and a constant reminder of your name to clients and potential clients. It keeps your name prevalent in individuals’ minds. By being at the forefront of mobile ap use, you can put yourself ahead of your competition. With more individuals going to iPad’s and Androids every day, you have a constantly growing audience by being active with mobile app’s.
  2. Constant access – Much like having a web presence, having a mobile app gives potential customers the ability to access your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Allowing people to see your products and services at their convenience is a great benefit for your company.  You can give customers the option of reaching out to your business without having to go to your website.
  3. Marketing component – A mobile app is one more way to market your business. You can cross-advertise, driving people to your Facebook page, Twitter tweets and other social media avenues and vice versa.  Customers can also spread the word about your business by sharing your mobile app with friends. You can also work the mobile app to keep users informed about promotions and deals.
  4. Business builder – People are enthralled with their gadgets. Smart phones’ popularity continues to grow. If you give people a helpful and engaging app, they will keep you prevalent in their mind. Give them something they can use – whether for business or pleasure – and they will share word about your app with others.
  5. Revenue source – Giving customers an avenue to order your goods or services through your app can be another revenue stream for your business. In additional to your brick-and-motor store, having people buy your product at their convenience is a great way to raise your revenue. If they can get what you are offering with a few taps of their smart phone, they are likely to remain a regular customer.  You can also garner revenue through mobile app upgrades that require purchase or through advertising on your app.


Many businesses have yet to get a mobile app presence. You can take a portion of your competitors’ business by being app active ahead of them. Archway Internet Marketing can show you just how to get that done.

An Archway representative can put a mobile app plan in place for your business.

Call or email us today and let our team explain how we can grow your business with a mobile app. Call 1-877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email and let’s get working on that business app.