Presence on foursquare can round out social media efforts

3:37 am

Having a presence on foursquare, which has both an app and website, can drive more customers to your business.

Users turn to foursquare to find out about businesses in an area and to get reviews of a business from friends and experts. By being on foursquare, you can reach new potential customers and develop relationships with existing clients.

There are 33 million foursquare users and 1 million businesses already having a presence on the social media tool. You need to join the crowd. Users give their take on a business, can see if friends are there now and how many friends have frequented the establishment. Patrons give tips for future patrons on the best items that a business has to offer.

For your business, you can use foursquare to promote specials and give deals for individuals checking in on foursquare, as well as give a brief synopsis of your business and offerings. You can also provide vital information like your address, telephone number, hours, website and Twitter name. A map is also provided to help individuals locate your establishment.

Increase your connections to potential customers by being a part of foursquare. Not sure how to go about doing that? Let the experts at Archway Internet Marketing do the work for you. Archway’s experience with social media can get you up and running on foursquare and other tools in no time. Archway can monitor foursquare and other social media tools for you and make your presence felt so that new foot traffic continues to come into your store or business.

Archway can coordinate the foursquare tools that can increase your business’s presence and boost your bottom line. Keeping a handle on what is being said about your business on foursquare and other social media is a time-consuming effort. Archway can show you ways to capture a larger audience with foursquare tools – or Archway can even handle the foursquare and other social media responsibilities for your firm.

Promote news about your business, lets residents know about upcoming events and offer discounts through foursquare. You can also set up a Foursquare Special to attract and reward visitors to your establishment.

Checking the numbers is something foursquare – and Archway – can do for you. Get analysis of just what foursquare is doing for your business. The analytical information from foursquare will show you who is checking out your business and who is checking in from your business. You will get demographic information about who is talking about your business and what they are saying, not just on foursquare, but on other social media as well.

What if you do not have a bricks-and-mortar storefront? Are you out of luck for generating business through foursquare? Absolutely not! There are tools available that let you have a foursquare presence as well. You can launch a page for your business whether you have a storefront location or not. Connect with fans and grow your fan base with a foursquare page regardless of where you do business. Capture fans browsing for information on what you are provide. Like a burger joint offering free T-shirts for foursquare users or a breakfast eatery offering free sweet rolls for foursquare patrons, you can offer deals for foursquare users frequenting your business as well regardless of your address or location.

Whether you have a retail store, restaurant or service-oriented business, foursquare provides you with ways to boost your client base. A strong foursquare presence can drive more people to your business and get them to buy more items, providing more income for you.

Let the experts at Archway help you with foursquare and other social media tools. Call 1-877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email and let Archway help develop your marketing strategy through foursquare and other avenues.


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