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Being “liked” used to be something you hoped for when passing a note with “yes” and “no” boxes in homeroom. Now being “liked” is vital for you business.


Tweeting used to be something an annoying parakeet did while you tried to sleep. Now it is a way to get news out about your business.


Social media is all the buzz these days, but what tools do you need to reach the customers you want? Where and how do you start? The amount of options out there can make your head swim.


The experts at Archway Internet Marketing can help you find your way in the growing maze of social media outlets. We can get you started or fine-tune your efforts, if you have already ventured into the social media waters. Archway representatives can set up systems for your business that keep you prevalent on key social media tools.


Here are some of the key social media outlets Archway can help you be a part of:


–        Twitter: Use 140 characters to send a message out about your business. Once you are tweeting (sending updates to followers), there are several tools and apps, such as Tweetdeck and Tweetie, that can strengthen your Twitter presence.

–        Facebook: While originally a way to keep up on the activities of extended family and old friends, Facebook has become a way for businesses to connect with customers and potential clients. By being “liked” by a Facebook user, a business can let that user know of business news and special offers. When using Facebook, if easily distracted by shiny objects, you can go with Facebook Lite, which keeps your Facebook page to just your News Feed, Birthdays and Events.

–        Blogging: Having a blog is a great way to let customers and clients know of new happenings and offerings. You can start a conversation on a topic in your industry and connect with individuals that way. Blogs can help put a face on your business. You can let customers see your human side, which can pay huge dividends. Don’t have the time to write a  blog? Archway can provide ghostwriting services for you.

–        Blog comments: Once you establish a blog, the comments area is a way to gauge feedback from customers. You don’t always get honest answers in face-to-face meetings with customers, but blog comments are normally pretty straight-forward and honest. If you do allow comments on your blog, you or someone designated as the webmaster needs to keep a watchful eye on the site. Spammers looking to sell their own products are more than willing to post non-related links on your site, gumming up the works. Also, watching the site for libelous and inappropriate comments is vital. You don’t want your site to be taken over by ranters and crackpots. Using Disqus, a popular communication system, can boost the number of comments on your websites.

–        Photos: We are a visual society. Keeping people’s attention is vital, if they are going to spend time at your website or talking about your product. Flickr Creative Common Search is a great way to find usable photos for blog posts. Instagram is a growing presence in the social media market. The Instagram app gives you a way to promote your business by showing people events and opportunities at your firm. With Instagram, you promote through images, not words.

–        YouTube: Expounding on that visual society statement, we are crazy about videos. Whether it be an adorable kitten sleeping or a goat chiming in on Taylor Swift songs, we love to watch moving objects. You can have a YouTube presence, posting video of events your business sponsors or maybe give a how-to demonstration that can generate traffic back to your website.

–        Foursquare: A free app that provides personalized recommendations on where to go and what to do based on an individual’s past choices. Getting involved with Foursquare can generate business. You can offer deals to users nearby your business or who have interests that fit your business profile. There are more than 30 million people worldwide who have downloaded the app and more than 1 million of them use the Merchant Platform, which can include your business.


The experts at Archway Internet Marketing can help devise a social media plan for your business. Call us at 1-877-50-TWEET (877-508-9338) or email us at and increase your social media profile.


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