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11:30 am
  Millions of people know about www.youtube.com, and more people should know about the second-most popular video website, www.dailymotion.com.  In June 2012, that site had about 27,000,000 unique monthly visitors.  More businesses and political candidates should use Daily Motion, to post their videos, for free.

Daily Motion was founded on March 15, 2005, in Paris.  In July 2007, the founders opened a U.S.-based office.  They knew that, if they had a U.S. office, more Americans would use the site.

Daily Motion is a good site for professional and personal use.  It offers a mix of professional content, contextual advertising, and paid top producers, through their Motion Maker program.  Some of their video categories are Movies, Games, Music, Sports, TV, Geek Out, Funny, Motion Makers, News-Weird, Caleb, Animation, and Viral Pick.

Daily Motion has a localization feature that allows users to easily search for videos, for their area.  This feature was customized for 15 countries.  The Daily Motion staff drives the localization use by reaching out to local content providers for each region to increase the local offerings for each area.

Although youtube is popular, more people, who want to share videos, on the internet, should also use www.dailymotion.com, to ensure that more people will see their videos.


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