The A B C of social media

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A is for is a great place to sign up for 7 of the most popular social media.


B. is for Blogging a great place to start writing your own blog.


C. is for Chatter from if you use don’t miss out on this tool.


D is for  Digg a place to share social book marks.


E is for Eventbright a place to sell tickets to your events with very easy sharing options!


F is for Facebook if you don’t know what this I am not sure how you found your way to this article. Foursquare if you don’t know what this is it means your over the age of 20 and unless you own a business where you want people to frequent you probably don’t ever need to know what this is.Flicker a photo sharing website. Flixel a photo app that is only available on the Iphone that allows you to make really cool moving photo’s.


G is for Google Plus This is Googles attempt to compete with Facebook  Grub Hub This is a really cool way if you prefer faxes for a restaurant to take orders online.


H is for Hoot suite  a tool for companies that want to manage more than just twitter and want to just manage some of there social media. or hubspot is a tool for more a website and social  media is a company looking to help mostly enterprise level companies with there social networks and websites.  Hi5 a very my space like site that some teeny boppers have taken to we will see if it lasts? or HotSpot a great site to find a free hotspot near you.


I is for I tunes for digital audio and other digital media.  I care this is the paypal of .orgs or a donation paypal.  I pod is a great audio and video player now for less than 125.00  Iphone still the best phone on the market if you are drinking the Apple Koolaid.


J is for Jigsy The super easy website builder. or Jeteye better bookmarking for web users. joe shopping  a great little coupon site.


K is for Knowem a way to find out if your social media name is taken across many networks before going to sign up for all of the other ones.


L is for Linkedin a professional social media.


M is for Meet up is a social media for meeting up with others of similar interests and hobbies great for both business and people trying to get out and meet more people.  My Space even if it is dead (Tom wont mind).  is a media player for imbedding in your website like youtube except way more interactive and more set up for SEO.


N is for Ning is for creating your own social network for small groups that only want to share with each other in a real confidential way.


O is for Oyax is a social book marking manager.


P is for PinIntrest Social media just for sharing photo’s pining them to a board that you share with people who follow you.


Q is for QIK  a phone app that allows you to do video conferencing on your phone. another type of professional network.


R is for Reddit a  website to share your favorite readings.


S is for Slideshare a power point presentation. Website for sharing presentations.


T is for Twitter the number one 140 character social media .( also the only company to be more than a billion dollars in debt and still taking on new investors. twitxr a platform to share your pictures on twitter.


U is for ustream A Streaming video cast area for shows online.


V is for vimeo A Video social media site.


W is for wordpress The number one blogging platform and also the number one SEO’ed websites in the world. another place to get a simple website built for you. a place you can get your content written for you.


X is for xanga another Blogging social platform.


Y is for YouTube The number one video search engine Yelp the yellow pages of business reviews.


Z is for Zillow  a real estate price mapping company.


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